What is this?

This is a blog. My blog, where I write things, to be more precise.

What do you write about?

While I can't say that there's always going to be some overarching theme other than whatever my interests happen to be at any point in time, posts relating to ‘technology’ in some way can be expected.

And yes, that is intentionally vague.

Who are you?

As some area near the top of your page should tell you, I am ‘NullPxl’.
You can also call me ‘Peter’ if you have a predilection for those kinds of names.

How can I contact you?

I'll always respond to Twitter DMs, but you can also email me at nullpxl [dot] mail [at] gmail [dot] com if you prefer.

How can I see what you've made?

Public projects can be found on my Github
Other projects can be found with a laptop and too much free time.

Blog theme is an edited version of notepadium.